How Mice Escape Traps

November 21, 2018

mouse on a piece of cheese

If you are a homeowner here in Lewisville, then you may have dealt with a rodent infestation, or you've at least heard stories of friends who have. It may even be safe to assume that you are here because you have recently discovered furry invaders on your property.... Read More

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Are Centipedes in the Home Dangerous?

November 16, 2018

centipede in north texas home

Centipedes look like a creature straight out of a horror movie; make them 100 times bigger and they would be a terror to haunt nightmares. Lucky for us, despite their terrifying appearance, a centipede's only direct threat to you is the jump you get from seeing one dash across the room at a million miles an hour. Nevertheless, centipedes are still a nuisance that no one wants around.... Read More

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