Secret To Keeping Scorpions Out Of Your Frisco Yard

February 11, 2020

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It is easy to be worried about scorpions in Frisco. Scorpions are a concern because they can deliver a painful sting with localized pain and expanding numbness. This can lead to hours of discomfort. If you're thinking, "Um. No thanks!" We're with ya. Today, we're talking about some of the prevention strategies that can help you reduce scorpions in your yard. The fewer scorpions you have in your yard, the less chance they'll get into your home.

Put Out The Unwelcome Mat

There are many ways you can let scorpions know that you don't want them in your yard. They all center around removing attractants.

Remove Harborage

Scorpions dry out in the sun. This causes them to seek areas where they can find lots of hiding places during the day. The last thing you want to do is give them hiding places in your yard. There are two primary ways you can limit harborage options. You can pick up any items that don't need to be in your yard and store them away inside, and you can keep organic debris away from your home. A neat, uncluttered yard is naturally resistant to scorpions.

Remove Moisture

If you have puddles or dampness around your home, you'll lure scorpions in because they need that moisture. Make sure your gutter system is in working condition and properly channeling rainwater away from your home. Make sure you don't have any leaky spigots or hoses. Trim tree branches to reduce shade. This last one has to do with moisture and harborage. If you have potted plants, consider raising them off the ground and refrain from overwatering them.

Remove Food

There are many things scorpions eat. One food source that is particularly enticing is crickets. You can reduce crickets and other insects around your home by turning lights off at night, especially ground lighting. Do this only if it is not a security concern. You can also control food sources with a residential pest control program. Routine visits from a licensed pest professional can reduce many harmful Texas pests.

Batten Down The Hatches

Once you've reduced scorpion populations in your yard, it is time to take a look at the exterior of your home. Do a detailed inspection of your exterior walls and foundation. Use a caulking gun, expanding foam, wire mesh and a foundation repair kit to seal things up. Here are some common entry points:

  • Gaps in the weather stripping seal on your exterior doors
  • Damage to door sweeps
  • Unprotected weep holes
  • Damaged screens
  • Broken basement window panes
  • Cracks in your foundation wall
  • pen spaces around pipes
  • Holes created by pests that damage wood
  • Broken seals on door or window frames

Scorpion Bite Prevention

The last thing you should know about scorpion prevention is bite prevention. There are some things you can do personally to protect yourself.

  • Don't walk around in your yard without footwear or in open-toed shoes, especially at night.
  • Shake shoes, clothing, towels, and other items that scorpions might hide in before you use them.
  • Inspect your covers and bed lining before climbing into bed.
  • Keep in mind that scorpions that get into your home will travel around at night. Turn the light on before going into a room at night without something on your feet.

Professional Scorpion Control

If you want to get control of scorpions in your yard, we can help. Our Perimeter Pest Control reduces pests around your home and makes your exterior resistant to many common pests, including scorpions. We service Frisco, Denton and the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Reach out to us today to request a free home estimate to get started.

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